Evaluation of the Open-Source Implementation of PIM-SM

Students of the University of Belgrade presented an evaluation of PIM-SM at the IcETRAN conference in Serbia

(This is a test report from a 3rd party. OpenSourceRouting was not involved in it. However we would to express our sincere thanks for giving us a copy and let us reproduce the report here)

PIM-SM is the routing protocol which describes the exchange of the network topology information in order to construct logical multicast trees. Multicast traffic is routed along these multicast trees in order to more efficiently utilize the network resources. In this paper, we evaluate capabilities of the open-source implementations which allow routing of multicast traffic: Quagga, and Pimd.

by Jelena Veličković, Jelena Seović and Aleksandra Smiljanić (School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade)

Download the full report here: IcETRAN_2014-Evaluation of the Open-Source Implementation of PIM-SM

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