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Quagga 1.0 released (and we here are the RFC Compliance results)

RFC_Results_1.0Quagga Version 1.0 released!

Just make sure to use 1.0.20160315 (and not 1.0.20160309 version). The first release has a serious bug on redistribution which could crash Quagga.

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Establishing a Platform

What is needed in networking is a stable, feature rich routing ”platform” fostering innovation, fast development and deployment of routing protocol innovations in trial and production networks, without the bottleneck of incumbent equipment vendors. Several sponsors including Google, have helped initiate OSR to develop this new routing (Layer 3) “platform”.

Fostering Innovation

OSR will establish a "platform" supporting committers and communities behind the open source routing protocols to help the release of a mainstream, and stable code base, beginning with Quagga, most popular routing code base. This "platform" will provide capabilities such as regression testing, performance/scale testing, bug analysis, and more. With a stable qualified routing code base and 24x7 support, service providers, academia, startup equipment vendors, and independent developers can accelerate existing projects like ALTO, Openflow, and software defined networks, and germinate new projects in service providers at a lower cost.

Accelerating Evolution

No longer will there be a reliance on equipment vendors’ proprietary hardware and closed software stacks that don’t adapt to rapid changing requirements. With a solid code base, the foundation will be laid for the next generation Internet to evolve as it once did in the early 90’s – through the community.

OpenSourceRouting is part is of the Network Device Education Foundation. NetDEF is a 501(c)(3) Charity. Donations may be deductible