Be a part of change!

By supporting Open Source Routing (OSR), you will fund the advancement and the growth of routing technology and research.

Phase 1

Spend small amount of your resources (money or manpower) on helping out the Open Source Movement – maybe just 1% of your router budget

Phase 5

Lower Operational costs thanks to cheaper traditional vendors and savings from using Open Source Code --> More money

Phase 2

Huge Improvements in the Open Source Routing Space as more developers and testers will fix it and add the missing features

Phase 3

Open Source becomes a possibility in your network for many locations as it gets stable and has the needed features

Phase 4

Traditional vendors need to innovate or lower their prices to compete with the Open Source Movement

Please support our work

Contact us to discuss on how you could support the Open Source movement in routing


  1. Just want to volunteer and help you guys as much as I can…. I’m a network engineer who love routing stuff, always looking forward to contribute in technology …I’m not a programming developer but have a lot of expirience in SP and enterprise networks…

    • In general, we don’t want the individuals to donate to this. We prefer if the corporations who benefit the most from it would support the project. Quagga is widely used by Network Vendors, Cloud Networks and ISPs. We prefer to have the ones who profit from it the most (and depend on it’s future) to make sure the project is well funded.
      As an individual willing to help, I suggest to join the mailing lists (See http://www.quagga.net) and help the community. Main help we could use is on testing proposed patches and code reviews.

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