OpenSourceRouting moves from Quagga to FRRouting

frr-short-smallAfter a long time working on Quagga, the Network Device Education Foundation with the OpenSourceRouting Project is proud to move to a new fork of Quagga: FRRouting

A new community and a different development strategy. The source of the new FRRouting project lives on Github and makes heavy use of our Continuous Integration System and Github Pull Requests for Development.

Together with 128 Technology, 6WIND, ATCorp, Big Switch Networks, Cumulus Networks, ISC, LabN, Orange and Volta Networks we are looking to push many new features into FRR to make it the best Open Source Routing Suite available.

The new project is under the umbrella from the Linux Foundation as a Collaborative Project.

The past few months and the next future are exciting: A lot of changes are coming to FRRouting in the very active community.

Release 2.0 of FRR just got released and is available as source on Github or in binary form as a Snap Package from the Ubuntu store.

Read all about on the homepage for the FRRouting project

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