Evaluation of IS-IS Implemented in Quagga

Students of the University of Belgrade presented an evaluation of ISIS as implemented in Quagga at the IcETRAN conference in Serbia

(This is a test report from a 3rd party. OpenSourceRouting was not involved in it. However we would to express our sincere thanks for giving us a copy and let us reproduce the report here)

Routing protocols define rules according to which routers exchange the network topology information. Based on this topology information and a packet address, routers decide where to send incoming packets. Intermediate System to Intermediate System (IS-IS) routing protocol is the most scalable intradomain routing protocol. In this paper, we will evaluate the IS-IS functionalities implemented in the Quagga open-source software.

by Saša Takov and Aleksandra Smiljanić (School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade)

Download the full report here: IcETRAN_2014-Evaluation of IS-IS Implemented in Quagga

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