ONS 2014: Quagga with OpenFlow

OpenSourceRouting attended ONS 2014 to foster the discussion of Quagga for any application which needs routing protocols, in the SDN or traditional network world. At our booth we showed traditional Quagga as a software router on Linux, Quagga on a SDN controller controlling an OpenFlow 1.3 Switch and 2 traditional routers interoperate


Our demo highlighted the flexibility of the Quagga Routing Stack in different environments and it’s interoperability. Probably the most interesting part for the attendees was the setup of Quagga with OpenFlow.

The setup of the Quagga/OpenFlow combination was based on a Vandervecken Live CD running Quagga on a lightweight virtual machine together with a SDN controller and controlling the OpenFlow switch (We used OpenFlow 1.3 capable Pica 8 P-3290 switch)

Download the flyer (PDF) for more information:
Flyer ONS_Network_Config

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