IETF 90: Homenet with ISIS Autoconf and Src-Dest Routing

The OpenSourceRouting Team presented at the IETF 90 in Toronto as part of the Bits’n’Bytes technology demonstration We demonstrated a Proof-of-Concept implementation of Homenet with ISIS Autoconf and ISIS SrcDest routing is now available.

The implementation is based on OpenWRT. It shows a possible future for Home CPE devices in an IPv6 environment with multiple providers and Auto-Discovery and Auto-Configuration of the network in a home.

Our implementation included:

  • ISIS with Auto-Configuration (based on IETF ISIS Autoconf draft)
  • ISIS Src-Dest Routing enhancement (based on IETF ISIS SrcDest draft)
  • Using Homenet Control Protocol (HNCP) for address assignment

The Demo-Network used 3 ISPs: Comcast which provided us a IPv6 connection at the conference, Hurricane Electric (we used a tunnel from their Tunnelbroker) and a dummy simulated network. The conference attendees were invited to add extra routers and remove links to see how the network changes were discovered.

Update: Code is published on our Git. See our announcement

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