Quagga 1.0 released (and we here are the RFC Compliance results)

RFC_Results_1.0Quagga Version 1.0 released!

Just make sure to use 1.0.20160315 (and not 1.0.20160309 version). The first release has a serious bug on redistribution which could crash Quagga.

Finally. The community decided to release Version 1.0. The initial release unfortunately was broken, but the latest version is looking much better. The version 1.0 addresses a vulnerability as well, as described in Cert VU #270232, (The security issue only impacts deployment with BGP VPN Peers configured)

The full compliance results for this new release is available on ourĀ Compliance Results Test Page

The compliance results are now available for Quagga on Ubuntu 14.04 and for Quagga on FreeBSD 10.2

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