Continuous Integration System now online

CI-System The OpenSourceRouting Continuous Integration System now online. Public results are available at

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The CI System is based on Atlassian Bamboo and builds Quagga on multiple platforms and executes some tests. At this time, the tests are still limited. We are working on integrating more of our tests into the CI system.

The main public plan is the “Quagga Master”

As of today, this plan builds Quagga on multiple platforms (Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, FreeBSD, NetBSD), runs the DejaGNU tests and builds test binary packages for each of these platforms.

Detailed documentation on the system and each of the setup on each OS can be found at

The latest results for Quagga Master are always available at

The system runs automatically within an hour from commits to the master branch of Quagga.

If you are involved in Quagga and want to discuss on how you can use our CI-System for your branch or in any other way to support the work on Quagga, then please contact us

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