Tackling Bottleneck in Routing Innovation

Open Source Routing focuses on supporting the community in releasing a mainstream, and stable routing code base enabling networking innovation. Focusing on Quagga, the most widely deployed routing code base, OSR will partner with the existing developer community, including independent code commiters, service providers, and academic institutions, in establishing an environment (“platform”) to deliver a high quality code base for Quagga.

Open Source Routing  leverages a strong base of software development experience from its roots in Internet Systems Consortium (ISC), which has been the main stay for Open source networking software over the last 20 years. Open source routing will also be based in ISC facilities, which provides a complete environment for development and testing.

Open Source Routing “Plaftorm” will provide the following services to the Quagga community

  • Release Management – utilizing Agile/Scrum to enable quality feature commits and merge multiple forks per release
  • Release Testing– Performing multiple levels of testing from functional, unit, system, regression, performance, scale, etc ensuring a release quality
  • Bug Management – Submit, track and fix bugs for incremental and future releases.
  • Development – Create new features not being addressed by community but strongly needed by the user base.
  • Support – Once Quagga is deployed in an environment; Open Source Routing through ISC will provide various levels of customer support.

OSR’s test and development resources are lower than standard corporate environments. Supporting OSR not only helps drive Quagga but also helps reduce internal costs dedicated to Quagga; therefore enabling:

  • Faster deployment of Quagga based projects internally – With a stable base of code, features and special projects can be developed with laser focus.
  • Lowered cost of support and maintenance shifted to OSR – Issues and resolution are now managed by OSR, lowering the required internal support staff.
  • A solid routing platform to develop and innovate – Innovative ground breaking ideas can be developed and evaluated rapidly.

Hence OSR, with the community, will not only help establish a solid baseline to build new routing features, but also enable the next generation of Internet. No longer will there be a reliance on equipment vendors’ proprietary hardware and closed software stacks that don’t adapt to rapid changing requirements. With a solid code base, the foundation will be laid for the next generation Internet to evolve as it once did in the early 90’s – through the community.


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